Crack Open

Investing in myself has felt like the most unnatural part of this living process. One small step was to do a mid-day meditation. At 1pm, I closed the laptop and went into our sun room where the rain had danced along the floor. There was a wasp hanging onto the screen as I hit play on the forest meditation for a 30-minute sequence.

At the start of my process, productivity was defined by my ability to work longer hours and to complete tasks on my list. Yet something within me is calling to pull back. Feeling a bit like I am in a hurry to get somewhere important, but my car is running out of gas. Nourishing myself has always come last and most often never happened.

There have always been more important matters, poor habits of a workaholic. Passionate love in its extreme can burn quickly if not managed with patient persistence. As 1:30pm came around and the rain began to fall with the wind, I realized that it is ok to step back. A sense of calm reached from within. My afternoon lunch looking over the garden was worth the 30-minutes I bought for myself.


  • Ease off the anxiety pedal. Do the right sort of work which includes daily wellness exercises.
  • The heart will shut down if you are not listening to those inner calls.
  • You do not always have to go where the mind is taking you. Look down that road first and determine if you would like to course correct.
  • It is also ok to get lost, to make what seems to be the wrong choice. Sometimes we can only know that answer in hindsight.
  • Learn to breathe into the tough moments and as you are moving through them exhale.

Note: It is only in these spaces of mental freedom that we are able to let the sun in to warm our spirit. If we keep to the shadows, doubts about fears will cloud our inner world. Happiness cannot populate. Make space for the mind to rest.


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