Work Up

I wanted the results, but I wasn’t doing the work. I would talk about a body I once had, yet when I could wake to go for a run… I would sleep. Sleeping through all the excuses. Committing to myself has become my greatest challenge. Being faithful to the change that I want to see in my life and in myself.

Results are centered around action. How does one move from the lazy losses to winning at the small steps? My exercise routine has turned into social hour with my roommate, we put in between 1-2 hours into what feels like an adventure. We have found a great supportive method.

I get us out the door and she keeps us there. When she struggles to start, I move us along when I want to give up, she decides we can do more. In both cases we win. I am not sure how this time round will turn. I have been here many times. These great ambitions that fade to everything, but reality.

Something does feel a bit different, I guess the driving force. Yes, in part it is to be fit and enjoy a great summer figure. But deep down I know it is about strengthening my inner character. After the 8-mile trail run, I opened the window in the shower and gasped at the night air. There was a small fragment of happiness calling.

I have not felt that childlike joy and inner squeals of excitement in many years. I just made everything so serious. So that is why I may overcome this start-up hurtle, the reason is different. I want to release this intense work long hours mind and be productive in a shorter time. I want more of my days to be filled with happy moments.


  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Do not make it too rough or you will never start.


  • Keep it consistent, the more often you do it as a routine, that is when the habit can form.


  • Be ok with average results.


  • Identify the good things you can do to set order and structure that nourishes your soul. 


  • Meditation, Yoga, Walking, Running, Cycling, Rollerblading, Reading, Drawing, Painting…so many options – pick up one. 


Note: If adulting would have been a class I would not have passed. I have been off in my head running from one moment to the next, not worrying about a messy room or a car tossed with until laters. There can be order, adventure and structure. Time to put together that orderly structure of adventure.


The path that leads to the woods.

We are off jumping and jogging over rocks.

Inspiring friendships grounded in becoming the best version of ourselves.



So it begins


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