Finish Line

It didn’t work out! What didn’t work out? Everything. Then what do you do? Go to the heart of your reach. Timeouts allow for a reset. There is a time when you must prove your worth. The greater vision for all the dreams compounded into one. Such a reality is nerve-racking, yet you must move ahead. I have kicked around this idea of creating my own garment factory. It was a distant future sort of idea.

Now when the city needs it, I know that it is time to step in. Last year I invested into a factory light set-up which allowed our team to kick off our SEW BROMO fashion school. I knew then that our industry was going through a shuffle and things had to change. Everyone in the world seems squeezed against a corner unable to move. What within you needs to shift to live?

I had to move from my fear and discomfort and raise my hand to step forward. I know a great deal about running a garment factory. I decided the time is now. I filled out the Maryland Manufacturing Innovation grant to fund equipment. I could have asked for a lot more money but decided to request only that which I had initially invested.

Will our team receive this grant to rebuild our part of the Baltimore Garment Industry? I do not know. What I do know is that I have to start scoring. In my youth I played soccer and lacrosse in the left defense wing position. I would grab the ball when the opposing team would miss or prevent a shot. Then I would run the entire field to our goal line and hand it off.

I would stand in front of the goal and never score. I was told once; the hardest part is to take the ball so far. My aim was not good. I tried scoring once and felt bad for missing. So, I just gave it up when on the other side. I now know in my silly adulthood, that all I needed to do was get comfortable with scoring. To practice my shots until it felt alright.

I have been pulling myself out of these little guard rails I have created that have lead me to misunderstandings. Feeling disappointed with my results and not feeling it is worth another shot. I have missed the point, that it is in the will to get on the field. My senior year of high school I ducked out of the season. It was at a time when I began seeing true progress on the varsity team. I just hid from my inner finish lines.

After all these years of training, education and international experience I must be my own pacer. Keep the speed, head up and shoot, shoot until one day I hit the target. I am not in a hurry, but I know I want to be in this game. I want to be a part of this revitalization of an industry. I know fashion can be more, that this work can do its part. I must grab for each inch over and over.


  • Trust yourself! Let the noise, distractions and let downs be the soundtrack. Turn up the volume and shout within your soul that you care for this and you are in it. Let the doubt and disappointments be the very thing that drives your heart home. 
  • Keep the pace. Stop dropping off. Stop and starts, stop and starts. They are fine, but they are slowing you down. You must keep the momentum going. Give yourself solid deadlines. 
  • Accountability to yourself is key. If you just keep talking about these ideas, frustration will sink in due to lack of results. You must be the one who wakes and laces up and gets on the road. 
  • Run towards yourself. Do not forget to have fun. Play through your process and get excited. Remember that this is your passion. Do not let it kill you. Let it lift you. Shift above the uncertain circumstance. 
  • Keep reaching, where is your next goal post? What are you shooting at? Where are you weak? Flash the light on that muscle and work it out. I have had to look under the hood of my business. Making sure all the finances are logged and that we are set-up to grow responsibly. 
  • Follow through to your commitments to others. I have at the start of building my business had been scattered with fear and excitement. Integrity and professionalism in this business is key to growth. 
  • Get back on track, stay focused! If you have new ideas, add them to the strategy of possibilities, but make sure you follow through with each check on the list.

Note: The next reach is finalizing our equipment list with supply lead times and following up with client prospects. The fashion school is growing we are currently working on the new course programming now that we have migrated completely online.

Let it be scary, let it be fun, but most importantly keep moving the dream along. You’ve got to be the one that cares deeply for the unknown. 


Highschool lacrosse team, of course I picked a sport that allowed me to wear a skirt.

My family had just returned to the USA after being in Indonesia for a year.  I was a fast runner which hat allowed me to make the team. I should have practiced more at home, but I would work evenings at our local mall. 

Great group of strong ladies 🙂

Cheers to my best friend! Thinking of her everyday as she works on the frontline. Throw back to college days in Georgetown. Circa Club Monaco days on M Street.



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