Never Stop

As I return to reprogramming the emotional state to create, old habits stand firm. Ones left without supervision. There is less fear and more questioning. We just completed a new short film. At the start I was doubtful and then midway through I believed in it deeply.

By the time we got closer to the end I was committed and now when we must launch I am not sure. This I must say is completely normal. Honestly, it is to be expected. Do not stop new concepts from forming just because they are unfamiliar.

Many times, we shoot down the small steps we are walking towards a reality we are hoping to form. It should be scary, you should feel uncertain and most importantly you will be nervous to put a part of yourself out into the world.

I still feel odd to hit publish every time. Not because I do not know how, but because I know by creating you are sharing and by sharing you can be judged. We are always judged regardless of whether we create or not.

Then if that is the case, keep moving. On Saturday at 6PM EST, we will reveal our first fashion film starring myself since Bali. Once you decide to make bold shifts in your life, you must become your own cheerleader.

You must be the one to believe that what you have created is good and then move on.So many of us, myself included remain in the questioning state and do not launch. Who cares if it is not good, or you could have done things differently? The point is to give, learn and grow.


– Make a schedule and stick to it! Dream pursuits are not like an established workload, where clearly defined deadlines exist. You must map out your days with pathways to progress.

– Make a list of deliverables with dates and clearly define what you intend to achieve. Remember small bites, what can you do now to get the momentum going and to stay on track?

– Do not linger too long in analysis paralysis, otherwise you will never move and you will talk yourself out of even these small steps.

– Keep going, but schedule true break times. Do this in the day but also in the week. What day or two will you give to yourself to relax the mind and take in the world? This is a space to nourish your spirit.

– Grow joy! Dreams cannot grow in a barren garden. We must feed our hearts. For many years I starved the heart leaving my emotions out of shape. What I mean is keep the level of light energy high by being positive. Not being the victim and being strong in your happiness. This is just as important as exercising the body. Keep the heart full of life so a dream can grow.

– Take care of yourself. Do not wait for later, you are the car that is driving this reality. If you are not taking the basic steps to put your well-being on the top of the list then you will not make it. It is like going to climb a volcano and not sleeping, eating and wearing the right clothes. You might make it to the top, but you will wear down your person along the way.

– Trust the process. Do not expect all the answers to come at once. You can work towards creating order and structure to your new dream building reality. You just cannot force your full will on the outcomes.

– Be patient with yourself and the process. Not everything can happen now, everything comes with its own time. Roadblocks are normal, do not be angry at them. Face them head on. What can I learn from this and where is my solution? If one solution does not work, move on to finding a new one.

– Know that you will want to give up all the time. That will never go away. You will always doubt, you will always want to walk away, but if you love what you are building the heart will call you to stay.

– One thing I missed in Bali and where I lost the mark, you can fall out of love with the dream. You can bury it in an old sort by taking it for granted and blaming it like a person. Not loving it enough and thinking it is too hard. To love is work, to stay in love with your dream takes practice.

– Be kind to the dream as it evolves for you to grow up. Ultimately the idea of a dream is to guide you through life towards that which matters. The dream is but the reference point to yourself to know your breathes were taking you through a rich experience.

– It has never been about a finish line, mountain top, or some sort of definitive moment for me. Let go of this destination concept, the true pursuit is the destination that is ever moving. Do not stop loving, the point is to love it. The dream, the life you live, even the moments that build you up.

Note:This is but a list of tips, just as we know we must grow. Most of this you have read about in books, perhaps this time you and I can consider going on and giving it, dreaming another try.


Early rise for a self training morning! Reviewing my vision boards and securing that I am walking towards my personal truth.

Dream planning with action boards. I list headings and brainstorm, I have video content from a documentary we started two summers ago. It had been shelved for several reasons. Well now is a good time to finish that body of work.

I love walking by my closet and seeing the Elsa Fitzgerald collection growing and living a new life.

My essential tools. Camera / USB’s and Content Storage Unit

Beloved Baltimore 2020

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