Fired Up

What if all the doors that you love close? When the worst of what could happen does? How do you process all the emotions? The rage, the hurt, the consequence. Well when I was fired from a job I served with all my heart for over 3-years. I went to yoga class, a New Years Eve session. The days blurred, but I can remember feeling embarrassed that such a thing happened. I knew deep down life was forcing me to grow. That which feels like a consequence can in fact be the truth we do not want to face within ourselves. Something has to change.

What happened next, I thought to run around grabbing for any opportunity available in that moment. Instead, I sat calmly asking, what do I want this life to be about? The answer was easy, it was to create a true love story with fashion. Just not the fashion that I had known. The kind that hurts, exploits and tosses aside hardworking people. This fashion industry flourishes in the swamps of internal betrayel. A culture of this is clear in the media and common shows about the industry.

I decided I wanted to rebuild my truth. I had to get back to my entrepreneurial spirit. I had to hold strongly to the knowledge that resources are short and that I had to work on my relationships and take out a small business loan to transition. This is the part of the fashion story that is not always told, what do you do when everything falls apart? When I moved back to Baltimore, I was disillusioned with this reality. I saw the brokenness of the fashion industry, but I also admired aspects of its beauty.

It is easy to show pretty fabrics and dresses that can be made. But the part that fires up my passion is the person behind the garments. The people who make the fashion. A magical journey towards progress. After all these years of working and studying in the industry, I wish to be a part of creating something great!

Truth be told I sense the owner of the factory I managed always worried that I would start my own factory and become his greatest competitior. The story gets interesting as I stopped focusing on the pain of the reality, I began to see the possibility. 

When I started this blog so many years ago I highlighted the struggle and the possiblity of building your dreams into reality. Looks like I have to start again.


  • Stop being the victim this will only cause you pain and make you tired.
  • Dream first, let your heart find the smallest ray of light so joy can lift you up.
  • Get a cork board / mood board or a piece of paper / imagine through words and or pictures
  • Figure out what you need money wise to cover your financial responsibilities – can be short term solutions
  • Long-term Dream reality – most people do not know what this looks like? How can a reality unfold if you cannot imagine what it looks like?


Note: Start here and I will bring you back into the web of my process as to how I am rewriting my fashion reality. I am my greatest asset. I have been here before, not knowing the clear path to this reality. The last time, I was in a hotel room on the island of Bali. Now that we are restricted to staying  in, then I will rebuild the same way I did many years ago. This time without the beaches, palm trees and coconuts. I will have to do it with my inner spirit and will to love and be a part of something good.


These are the same sort of boards I used in Bali. They help me to identify emotions that I have inside through visual reference. 

The first board is my past, it shows my Bali Fashion Dream. Fun to see the real photos as I remember when I started I had only pretend images and drawings of me doing yoga on the beach. Second board shows the present the reality I am building with my private label and the fashion school we have launched just under 1-year old. The last shows my work in London, and my dreams of building a fashion media company that includes travels to fashion destinations. This is the future I will cultivate.

This board shows my present, this is where I live in my current state. On the bottom right corner is an image of me in a museum factory. I would love to create my own version that is alive and shares the history and future of our work digitally. 

I work mostly with google drive and digital now, but I still like to see and write simple concepts that I can expand on through agendas and video conferencing. I wish to bring to life the Bali Fashion Dream online through SEW BROMO. To create a magical place like Disneyland online – called SEW BROMO – Fashion Factoryland. The content would cultivate fashion media that is rooted in the Old World Needletrade, but taught in an inspirational and entertaining way.


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