Heart Maker

Sometimes the night will scare you to sleep, but let it wake you to live. Looking on for just a moment before grabbing the last of my work from home things. Let this time be a personal renaissance.

I had to remind myself this is always the reality, how will I react to these moments? I can crawl into a ball and be angry at so many things.

Instead I’d rather hit pause on my thoughts and reset the gears to remember that renewal is uncomfortable. Hardship a self-carving tool. What shall I become through this next move?

Looking on to the future of manufacturing in Baltimore, small workrooms with skilled sewing machine operators. My dream of a baby factory is coming true @ 1100 Wicomico Street in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland USA.
In this industrial town where trains ride by, the sounds I remember from my youth. Let us begin something new.
Paradise is not a place, it is within our embrace. Where ever we stand in the world we can carry it within the spirit of that which we love.
From London to Bali then back to Baltimore, I will always find that inner light. It guides the joy when hope wishes only to fall.
Grab your hands and hold dear to your tears, it is ok to be sad, but it is better to be glad.

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