Joyous Feet

Go ahead and dream! Even if you miss all the stars shooting through the sky. If you catch but a glimpse of one then that is enough. To adore a beauty far above. Reach not because you can but for the will.

Perhaps you never win a race, yet you run and train. Winning everyday by showing up to trust. It is often I let the spirit fall and am left in the weeds. Picking up where I once stood tall.

Not for a measure of opportunity, but for love. So much love to try and be what I may. A foolish person holding hands up towards my own impossible. Thankful for the painful joy of living.


On a mini adventure after getting completely lost trying to find the parking lot, led us here to a beautiful peace.

Landscapes that inspire a heart to paint.

Wild sketches seeking a home in the world.

The world calls to where the road will set to stone. 



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