Cleaning Shop

It is hard to admit that I must clean my inner mess. To strategically plan a mental reset. Those adolescent insecurities causing waves cannot stay. To be rooted in my own new.

Gosh it pains me to remold my shape, break habits and form new ones. But I am tired of these broken shoes. They are beautiful but it is time to seal the gap.

To radiate my best self. Those details of routine that are so good, yet take more effort. Reallocating energy to nourish. I keep pulling the emergency brake to stop history in its tracks.

CNN visited our factory this week

Our sewing machine operates kept on with their production as the journalist kept on their story

Meanwhile I rushed downstairs to start my treadle lesson and to slow life down

My dream is to create a Fashion Factoryland where people can explore like Disneyland the sewing world

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