Trust Me

Hard to say, but it is so easy to forget. I am young I ought to live. Been busy running up a hill loving the climb. Leaving behind all those things I once loved. The summit seems so grand.

Then I stopped. Looked myself dead in the eyes. Do you love me? I looked back confused. What do you mean? Then the in between stepped in. You keep running.

Not sure if it is to or from something, but I love you! And once and a while I wish you would love me back. So I stopped I locked the studio to return home.

A sketch made ages ago by a talented artist while I was in my zone

I am sewing my way back to what I once adored.

My little mini me wearing my mother’s choker throw back to the 90’s and a scrap from my clipppings.

At the Elephant over a year ago I sat on my own sketching the Sabrina suit

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