Open Call

It’s been a challenging journey toward rehabilitating the soul. Shutting the computer off at 5:45pm. Running into the house and changing for a run. By 7:30pm prepping a nice meal and listening to lovely music.

It is so easy to get caught up in love with a dream of passion. My guilty pleasure is my work. Yet I neglect my body, mind and heart. The phone was playing Indonesian music as my roommate opened a bottle of wine.

Just enough time to paint my nails before bed. Oh how much I forget that this is what lasts, the time I carve out to be myself. Glad for second chances because I missed too many glances.

Light run before cooking dinner 2 miles

Debating the meal on your doorstep with Hello Fresh, it was a fun treat cooking and listening to Indonesian traditional instrumental music with wine

Putting my fashion house first takes getting used to…dropped off cut work to be sewn at the nearby atelier in Mount Vernon.

The studio is coming alive along with the Sabrina suit for Elsa Fitzgerald.

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