Happy Life

Do you ever feel smiles in your heart? I am getting the sense that I am finally figuring myself out. A complex web of hop skip dances between passions and dreams. Back in 2006, I had to leave fashion school in London to come home to Baltimore. The cost was too high and I could not get approved for another student loan.

13-years later I am back in Baltimore creating my fashion dreamland. A place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come to learn. It is a space that is meant to be fun and educational. At the start of building the program, I was nervous about managing its growth. Where instead I found I love it so much!!!

The educators are so inspiring the students committed and patient. I could not have asked for a more wonderful way to celebrate my marriage to this amazing industry. I look forward to growing young always committed to making fashion that encourages a heart full of joy.



There are people that come into your life to show you how things that seem impossible are worth reaching toward. Big hug to Mia and her fierce rock climbing reaches beyond the imagination.


To loving Indonesian Fashion & Textiles and creating a future for Kebayas to be Made in the USA.


We begin with each stitch sewing together that which is completely possible


Making fashion that empowers communities – buckle up ladies here we go 🙂




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