For Love

What if you sat with that unrest and allow it to move with you? Providing space for it to unpack its bags and settle into a home. To grow roots within your soul to say that the world is not scary and it is ok to feel alone. Allowing the angst a way to connect.

Go ahead and stop, a thousand times. Abandon a dream and let the walls cave in. This is all but normal in the pursuit of that which breathes. We open and close the door on our hearts. It is all, but that desire that will not shut up.

We can run, we can ignore, but what we cannot do is get bored. For the love of the ups, the downs, the in-between beacons us to live with the breeze. Through our trips fingers dare to reach towards a fear that stays in the clear.


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.36.30 PM

Working on the Museum Dress collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 8.12.31 AM

Visitors come to learn about the garment industry as if it were the past.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.43.31 PM

Little do they know a next-generation has united to pave the future of apparel development in Baltimore.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 8.09.44 AM

Guided by legends like Sally Di Marco, preparing us to keep alive what she has always loved.



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