Dancing Dimes

Get into the community and start making money to become a leader. Coming from the arts and fashion background there is discomfort that lends itself to insecurity with winning.

Why not be good at what you love? Why not shine enough to walk away from the dark? Why not say yes and fight to stand a chance? Be good at being you.

Breaking habits that do not last and a mindset that needs to shut up. I am better than the loss and lovely when standing at the cost. Pay the tab and thank the world your shift is done.

Studying with Calvin is slow because that is the only way to learn to be a master tailor

Calvin watches from the corner of his eye as he is working on his own art of fixing and mending.

Early Saturday mornings I meet up with this interesting girl and we are off in the coworking space building a brighter future for the fashion industry.

I must remind myself not to forget to create. So easy to work on what seems important.

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