Be Afraid

The artist life is about pushing the boundaries. Getting personal with the world, sharing our inner darkness turned into light. It is a shifting of thoughts that bound. The stillness is frightening. Missing the very pulses that make the heart flow.

Fight it! The desire to be at ease. Shape that body into health. Churn that heart to open. Purse those lips to speak. Being acceptable is a tragedy. Mess up, I dare you. Go out there and be the fool. Mostly be yourself by freaking out.

False starts snoozing that alarm. No one is going to regret those missed calls. Only you and you alone will live with the loss. Damn it hurts. Being you, in all the insecure. She is smiling back at you if you would give into the process.


Saturday mornings – shaking up my process. Facebook live, workshop prep and book writing. 

Messy thought structured to talk – script prompts for FB live

Been meaning for write this manual for lessons learned in the fashion industry. Today is a chance to do what I have wanted to create. 



Will need to visit Retropolitan to big out some garments for video and photo content. 




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