Fashion Dreams

If they think you are mad, then you are doing something right. Falling back into normality had me going insane. I began to sink into childhood insecure worries. Then I broke the window and said, its time to be let out. Be something worth fighting to love.

I froze in those tracks to dwell. I lived in the past until there were tears. Then I looked again and it was gone. That discomfort that shuts down the shop. We are all living in tangles.

Finding the spirals that do not keep us down. Those highs that challenge our reach and teach us that which counts. Blessings that live on as we move on. Finally, I am here. The third and last book in the trilogy of Fashion Dreams.

(1) Bali Fashion Dream (2) Baltimore Fashion Dream (3) London Fashion Dream.

When I first started I had someone else paint the cover. Second book I printed a photo and water colored the image. Third book, I took pencil to paper and I will draw and paint this image to the end.

It took me a while to pick the cover image and this was the one. In those moments when we can stay home and miss our lives, we get out of bed and we find a path to connect. To bring life and love together with a walk.

Currently working on an exciting private label for work and the message is all about getting back to the earth. Finding our spirit through adventures that bring our spirit home.

First proto going for a swim into the woods. Looking forward to seeing this story unfold. 

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