Love Run

A beautiful world is waiting. Pull insecurities aside and let imagination take life. In these hands, we hold time. Kindness works to establish worth. Dreading loss ties keeps the mud. Grab the hose and freshen up.

Aches leave nothings to glue. Victims made of choice. Blessed with a story, picking up a pen.

A nervous child runs faster. Perhaps they do not look close enough to see knees chattering. Fear is a kinship as long as running is with hearts on fire.


These ladies Rock the fashion world: smart, kind and such great fun! After drinks adults not willing to ‘grow up’. 🙂 happy hour at 3pm #factorylife.

Loving happiness of process that is bundling fabrics that become fashion on the factory cutting table.



When I returned to Baltimore, I wasn’t sure what I would find. Then I realized I was found in the lives of so many wonderful and interesting people to open my eyes to love.

Here in the remanents of industry is a reason to stay and fight for the future. To keep something, someone, beautifully alive. Lady Merchant begins to stand in her own hope for a magical fashion world in Baltimore. 



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