Lifting Spirits

It seems that life is not official. The writer, the designer, the sister. These are just characters we play. To be completely you is to fall for beauty. It is a discovery that flutters fun.

What is serious and somewhat frightening is when we wait? We sit looking out a window and forget to play. Playing for me is not always about going out for drinks and having a nice meal.

It is going to the local library and finding biographies and old films to review. I want to curl up with a book and try my curiosity out. Grow interests and new passions on cue. I want to be a part of this revelation.


The life of Ava Gardner

She loved the art of doing nothing.

Colette a film about a ghostwriter finding her self identity outside of her husband’s shadow.

Of course, I love the fashion and the freedom of spirit through dress.



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