Chaotic Order

Getting back to being you should feel as easy as it sounds. Instead I am wrangling my mind to sit down. Jumping from one concept to the next is the usual order tied up.

The mind once opened can be overwhelming, but once I put images together a feeling forms. A collection of colors and shapes move into an escape to rearrange.

This business of mine is about trusting what grows only when you continue to scale walls. Finish that painting, sew up that last stitch, and remember it always feels chaotic until it is complete.

Finally working on new inspiration boards left half started.

A play on femme fatale, nostalgic menswear for women and into the darkest sides of our spirit.

Took the bottle of wine home now the little suit is waiting for his next bottle to turn up. Even wine bottles like to dress up 😉

Fantastic magazine from the 1920’s on loan from Sally Di Marco.

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