Heritage Collides

I wish I could say it is worth it. When the times crunch your heart. I wish I could say that sadness goes away. But it does not.

For when you love with art. Life cannot help but kiss madness. Try even when the world says, ‘please don’t’.

Go it alone if you must, but trust the fuss. The headaches the fast break that short circuits. Be ok with all the not ok parts. It will fall in line when it is time.

Dave from Stadham has been working on machines for over 50-years and brought my treadle machines back to life.

One of the craziest dresses I ever made found its way into the paper. Even madness matters when given a chance to go out for a dance.

I struggle to believe in my ideas, so I move faster than my fears. By the time fear shows up, I have already hit takeoff.

Then there are those people who believe and love you regardless of the wins that lose and losses that win. Little mommy at my first major workshop. I cried the entire night out of nervousness. Then I put on makeup bright and early and mom kissed my forehead and said, ‘I will take care of the food, you just talk’. In the back of the auditorium she served the attendees and made sure everyone was full. It was a great success in the end. Sometimes we stop breathing when we are existing.

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