Fortunate Wheel

How to give into a blaze that stands down? To fruit a breakdown that falls away. Leave broken glasses half. Over glory of choice. Empty boxes held with promises.

Let homeward bounds love pains to push up. Tag team glances that stand for Fashion. Go back she is waiting to be the heart of chance.

Toss out a closet full of years. Pull open nothingness and embrace worth by sewing seams. Button up spring to live.


Answers are chances we are asking. Let us see what about the world we love. How we can stand in line at the spinning wheel? To carve out, a pattern builds a dress. These days of speed leave me seeking fashion traditions that are honest and good. A sort of authenticity lost to modernity.

A visit to the Peale Center for an artist friend’s exhibition Ring of Fire. The oldest museum building in the United States. Built by Rembrandt Peale, a member of the first family of American Artists. Baltimore aren’t you full of secrets.

Drinking wine in the museum shop is my fav spot, reading the books and looking over interesting art and literature. Lucy Parsons the founder of the Industrial Workers of the World. Interesting word Anarchy – a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.



After factory hours, went for a walk at Fort McHenry led to hanging outside talking about the migration of birds and looking at the newest installation by Sean Kenny. Photographer: Stacie Votaw. Night of Light at the Peale Center.


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