Beating Child

I cannot tell you how many years I have missed without reason. I  held back my heart, my world and my joy for fear that it might come true. In the end, or at this beginning I walk. My bottom is not a low comparably so, but for goodness sakes, I pulled the cord on misery’s stroll.

Here I am blasting the music on my laptop headphones. Typing towards possibilities told.  I love this place where dreams grow. Watering a reach to learn. Many years ago I turned up on an island and I believed in a girl.

To find a destiny to curve the soul. Now I return to youthful roots and take up swords that love towards doors, I open a heart to turn. Go for it, even when it feels awkward and you do not know the outcome. Breathe and jump into hope.

I used to love dancing music into digital words. It was fun writing as life went on. Though it feels different now, in a good sort of way. Allowing my hair to grow back into its natural color brown.

Archive photo of my adventuring and capturing Bali. Everyone is wearing the same story, leave life and find paradise. My stance is to come home and to see the beauty of its own form.

My news report and focus these days is on the garment industry and finding what remains to give it new life. It is a curiously rich calling that I am looking to unfold.

My happy place these days is in a 1920’s Garment Loft in the Baltimore Museum of Industry. I cannot wait to keep on and love strong.



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