Lady Read

What do you know? I do not reach, not really. I get lost in the weeds of things. Yet somewhere a voice says, ‘come on let’s go’. I do not wish to be what is seen, the confident she has it together sort. For truly, I am always floating and wondering. Always doubting and floundering.

It is not in full conviction, but in the insecurity that dreams be. To do the uncomfortable to trust the unlikely to know that even when all is wrong, it somehow finds its own right.

I dwell often in the misery that sadness pulls lashes to bed. Yet it is in waking that avoids breaking. It is in chiseling away stone to unveil form. It is not the captain that does not waiver, but the songstress that billows tall. Love on the tidal’s arm.


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Baltimore has become a lovely home, but London Calls…for all the years I spent growing myself worth through my passions brought forth. My third book is called London Fashion Dream and I look forward to seeing how the reality unfolds.

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A fav Sunday spot in Covent Garden, looking forward to book a reservation during a fashion business trip.

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Our flat in London had its own sweet little Japanese garden

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Of course really looking forward to catching up with dear girlfriends to share the pleasures and pains that life bring.