Founding Breeze

How do you dive into the current that carries you to new extremes? To say no to what is and all that you love. You just do. Walk out, close the door, open the next one and say. Hello dear, let us begin. I tried so hard to be a something that I was not. Taking on a job that did not make my heart dance.

Then I came home and found soul. I am not someone else’s dream. I am but my own into the extreme. Call it madness, call it truth, but most of all say that, ‘this is you’. Through all the ups that drowned the sound, I listened close to that voice. The small one that says, don’t give up. Look on, be strong and if you must be wrong.

Know that the rights sometimes turn left and then we rewind and start life again.  So I smile in all this beautiful misery because this is where life loves.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 7.43.53 PM

The fashion world has angered me in its own sort of way. For so many years I ignored the injustices of the formula, but here in Baltimore, I decided to stand up. To fight back and to say come on world we can do better.

In a room left to storage on the second floor of America’s Oldest Market we are changing the conversation through the Fashion Collective.


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 7.44.09 PM

We have an amazing team standing strong. Thank you to the Market Center Merchant Association & Lexington Market – we are the stars that rise to new heights.



Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 7.42.56 PM

I wished to make a Fashion Innovation Hub in front of my office at the factory where I work, but fortunate for us business was too busy. So that dream was put on hold as we continued to keep 30-sewers going. Now we will make a mini version at Lexington Market to empower fashion entrepreneurs around the world. 



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