Righteous Whys

Can you cry with joy, for all those heart-wrenching moments? For they guided you here. Could you stay up late typing a dream? Can you wake early to go for a run? Can you wonder? Can you wander? Can you??? Go for IT?

The ‘it’ that no one understands until it shows fruit. Can you plant possibilities? Can you explore passions out of sight? So what? So life? That is what we’ve got. So many shots. To fall down, get back up and try another round.

It is only over when the curtain calls, the bell rings, the coffin closes.  So let this heart run after that love, as far as these hands can reach. Let this be the me I have been fighting to see. Always shouting breathe out.  Give it your all until the last call.


Fashion Workshop at the Baltimore Museum of Industry – Garment Loft with Olivia

The eclectic group of students 🙂 

Rose is developing a niche market collection

Rose Sage smudge stick purchased locally at a fashion event at Creative Labs.


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