Counting Starts

Be proud of these days, be proud of your own ways. People will question and doubt and wonder. But no one person has ever been given your map. This is your walk, do not go the wrong way for someone else. Go your own right way and let it be wrong.

We cannot dance to the heart of another, but we can dance with our heart. Life is not this spinning wheel of chances. It is in the glances when you said hello come with me. I want to live the adventure. Let it be chaos for others.

Let it be you. Run around, sit down, stand up, do the movements that make your heart glad. Who cares really, no one can move your hand to draw nor can the regret be removed in a transplant. So then frustrate the heck out of the world by living.

Representing USA manufacturing with Fashions Unlimited: wearable technology, high fashion and adventure gear. 

I sat looking over this door writing my first play across the street in the Panera shop. To day is the day we perform a Fashion Play; a play on Fashion.

The future of the Fashion Industry is in the youth willing to stand up and fight for truth. MICA students at the Fashion Innovation event for Anchor Ventures in partnership with TEDCo.

When did we get so darn serious? Life is not just about paying the bills and running to soccer games. It is in the exploration of our creativity. At Creative Labs for Photographer/Model Meet-up. 

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