Maddening Flattery

It’s time to glow for the heart loves to show. Stop hiding behind fears that never become real. What if you were to take off the wheels to heal? Could the world’s doors twinkle a sun drop to let a heart hop?

Always nervously afraid and pondering other ways. Wanting to find the out that hides. Looking back reading the books I have written and the play we are rehearsing I see how important it is to go.

To show up even when we are tired, nervous and worried. This is the only way we get a fair chance to be ourselves. What if all your moments were left in the snow? The summer will melt away the dough. Nothing molded a shape to create. Just a thought that evaporated with a life untouched.


Celebrating Fashions Unlimited’s 42-Year Anniversary with Hannah the best intern in the Fashion World.


A section of a painting that I love by Break the Silhouette – Perhaps we have the keys to our dreams, but we forget to tie up. To put those feelings and creations to use, they are always waiting for us to take them sailing along the sun.

Moving the exhibition back into the studio. I love the art and fashion worlds colliding with creative fun.


CapreceĀ rehearsing her lines of the play Lady Lotus.



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