Soldier Song

I wish I could tell you that I am brave, but instead, I will tell you about a fool. Who goes on believing until she is dreaming. Running across mountains that turn into branches. Where the shallow becomes a volcano that opportunity calls without warning.

These are the days that I forget to breathe because I know not the ground that collapses the knees. I pretend that silly ideals become real.

What if, what if, is where I fall short. Making up possibilities that only part show. But if we stand on the fence waiting for another to land. Maybe our plan will never take round. I would rather break fears than live with misery.


Finished a dress made for a film, while wearing a hat made by Syeko House.

Started a painting, but couldn’t finish the face or hands so I asked a friend to help her out. Tommy Roberts painted my hands and face so that the cover for the play could go to print. Perhaps we cannot do everything all at once, but if we trust the process and dear friends a love can be won. 

Was nervous to Relaunch the fashion business weekend workshops, but it was a great success. What if I was too nervous to take that first step? I would be missing out on a great deal of fear melting into fun. 

After this fashion film Lady Lotus, I will discontinue making my crazy dresses and return to my first love and dresses standing on this rail. Time to be patient and learn to make the right way. Who knows perhaps along the way I might fall in love?


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