Weathering Sides

There is a divide where time hides, where the older generations speaks a language without phones. They shake hands, they listen for the voice and work hard. I am learning this from the Masters. Those who have stood in the cold, who have struggled to keep boats rowing. In my case sewing machines singing and steel bending.

There is arrogance to think that one person can build a bridge. To respectfully stand on the side before time and then call across for others to follow. To say, ‘put a hold on your education and come back to feel a Trade awaken your hands’.

Manufacturing and industry is a part of the American spirit. If we dream it, we can build it. That is what this journey is about coming together to build a future that remembers to bring our heritage along.


Opening the factory doors to empower the next generation to make with their hands and to grow their minds through enterprise. 

Baltimore Sewing School launch – sharing a love for sewing.

Phil and Bob USA made Legends 

Hands moving for hearts to come alive through making. 


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