Stage Light

Perhaps the foolish attempts break fears to say, I will give dreams heart. Boldly charging. Type, sing, dance to give opportunity a chance. Cough, clear your throat. Do whatever it takes. Just speak up. One day those slow moves stand on mountain tops because you chose to say hello.

Never live in the darkness of your doubts too long. This day where Freedom lands. This country, this city, this world, this person. Bring it. All your force that fires up a choice. This is your life: in all the storms, in all the glories there stands a line we draw in the sand.

Will you not let the breeze carry you? Feel the pounding that resounds the soul that glows. A smile creeps wide that joys letting go. Fingers spread with a lingering call to flutter on. Be off with you on this grand lovers loop.


I hid in the tower away from the world, not wanting my failures to be clear. 

The years passed and I decided I have to rebuild, to believe in love, to believe in fashion and to most importantly believe in the dream.

My one and only answer has always been to embrace beauty and sew love.

Perhaps we never truly grow up. I hope I am always kind and believe in the goodness of humanity. Let the innocent love of the world be the nature that remains pure. 


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