Chirping Along

Who lives our choices when we cannot go back? Push out the old ways and bring on the cultivated days. Reshaping the heart to start. Feel happiness that is held back.

Not waiting for a place. Accepting and loving the broken ways to mend. Birds call the early dawn, let’s play the day. Sing a song forever long.

Love the you that is willing to keep on. Have faith in the unknown and let the tree grow. Time is not in a hurry when you glow. Let passion and hard work be the guide that candles on.


How long has it been since I have sketched, far too long because I cannot remember the date?

In Hampden with a new friend and super talented Singer Song Writer – we are working on a fashion film and play called Lady Lotus.

Perhaps my glasses are far too rosy but I believe in this city especially Lexington Market. Life lives in all the small steps that we add up to home. 

Talented artist Tommy Roberts that works out of the Bromo Tower with me, his take on Billie Holiday. 


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