Next Gen

“It’s big girl pantie time”, a new friend echos. All the messages point to a stand up instead of balking with fear. Am I cut out to make a difference? Am I old enough? Strong enough? Brave enough?

Not at all, I need another 20-30 years on me but the garment industry does not have time for that development. It’s do or let the machines eventually move between scrap yards and museums.

Like taking the wheel of a ship I have never learned to sail. I know that I love this journey and if I can ignore my uncertainty the garment industry for my hometown may survive another generation.


This is our cutting table where layers of fabric are rolled out and piled to prepare for the production cut. 

Always in this gaze looking calculating and wondering what formula of possibilities will make its way through the loss of tradition into the future. 

I love these worn tools. They show a life of industry that breathes in Baltimore.

For those that know me, I don’t own jeans or non dressy fashion shoes. I decided that if I am to get down in the mess of things. It is time to get dirty, roll up my sleeves and work. 


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