Whiskey Girl

What if you wished your life to be exactly as it is? If all that you ever wanted was a matter of stand. How then could you complain to worry when you are happy?

Then all that is left is to keep moving and doing those things that you love. When it rains carry an umbrella, if you fall get back up. Then wouldn’t it be simple. None of that contemplation that leads to exhaustion.

Such silly creatures we are making sandstorms out of beaches. Grand is the moment that is enjoyed, but if we keep on inching smiles will not survive. So I stand with arms open wide and say to the day, “let’s go for ride”.

Pictures: Whiskey Girl at a charity event on Kent Island – factory life means working fun side jobs 🙂 Job description dress up give out whiskey and stay for the party. I think I can manage that…

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