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It’s ok not to know all the answers to voyage off into your heart. Open up, unlock that closet and put on that pretty dress. There is a day out there waiting to admire.

Before worries set in and thoughts twirl storms within. Give warmth, trust and hope a spin. I believe in love, I believe in goodness and despite my reservations, I believe in me.

Afraid, always afraid to speak up and voice passions that come loose. Tie those shoes and go run because the trees will rejoice that light was given a choice.


Borrowed an outfit to wear to the zoo, Fairy college girl raver look.

Modern Family takes the road in the middle of the afternoon when most people are at work.

Got shown up by these amazing birthday suits.

The best part about my new job as a factory girl is that I will get to spend more time seeing this little guy grow up.


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