Trust Me

I am not going to stop. All those moments when I backed off. Scared my shadow. Letting worries take me hiding. For all those chances I turned away, for all those heart wrenching should have stays.

What if this is all I’ve got? What if all those, ‘No’s led to a possible go? What then would my life have been? Why am I so afraid to go all the way? What is there waiting? I will only know if I keep on.

Live strong, be bold, GO! What do I have to lose? Everything, I lose everything for not trying, for not believing for denying myself possibilities given. All right then here we land in a stance that charges hand.

Waiting on an artist date to create at Creative Labs after work.

The stance of worry is a standstill that gets you no where.

Finally started cooking again and have date nights at home.

In Indonesia I learned that the community of women is what makes a village strong. 

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