Factory Girl

Have you ever believed in love with all your heart? The kind that makes you stand still and realize why. All those paths that turned out wrong suddenly became right. All the goodbyes that forgot the hello.

That is the dream, to real in the fool. Know that beyond the breaks there are bends that fork a chance to correct. Be the way that decides to stay. To put down your running shoes and give that dear a hug up close.

Through that wandering of wilderness there sat an oasis. A well that waited for your return. The sun kissed those eyes to know that the beauty is you wishing on the world. Be loving, be kind and never give up.

I thought factory life was in Bali, but little did I know what love waited at home.

A new garment industry forms and I aim to be on that ship.

Some parts of us die so others can live, but love remains if given.

Dream of days that change the struggles into celebration. 

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