Singer Strong

Can you fill yourself with so much love that it bubbles to the top? Can you free the sadness and the hurt that is waiting to take flight? Can you open the doors that winds blow cold, to believe that the sun melts into gold?

Can you smile a truth that forever renews that spring is time lapsing a day? Can you swim out to the ocean when the morning break to know that kisses long about the shore?

Can you hold that vision that makes the heart glisten memories a Lane? Can you skip a hip that beats a twist into floundering joys awake? Lay not under a dark night that drags a false start. Instead break off the sorrow and play a happy fray.

Sean Kenny’s lovely work for Light City Baltimore at the Bromo Tower.

Connecting and disconnecting with friends in the studio painting reading and breathing dreams awake.

My desk in the design room at the office.

The Tieland Dress is almost ready for the Ball this coming weekend.

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