Sing Along

I don’t know why it took me so long to get here: to a place where I want to nourish my mind, hug my heart and love my soul. I guess I thought the world would step in and do all the work. That life circumstances would align with my joy.

I chased after boys, I chased after degrees and all that I felt was the same in between. When the cycle rinsed and repeated I decided let’s take a closer glance. I do not want to be the me that keeps leaving.

I want to be the one that sticks it out. Puts a print in a frame and does not try to run. Who looks at each day as a challenge to love. When my head twists me around I grab my wrists and say stick with you and make love last.

When I first came to this park as an adult it reminded me so much of the parks I would walk in London and strange to admit but the feeling of two places in one is comforting. I would rise and walk between twilight and listen to the tree breathe.

The fashion adventures continue with a dress fitting over the weekend with a lovely lady. Looking forward to seeing how the artistic fun comes alive through a fashion film.

Speakeasy Creative Night with Friends at the Tower

I used to love cooking and entertaining. I had not really done that since London about 5+ years ago. Easy snacks, but def a start to find that girl named Joy (Stacy Joy Stube). So cheesy but I should know my way to happiness given that my middle name is as it is.

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