Miss Authoress

When your passion comes alive, nothing can stop you! Not even yourself. In building this dream from youth to adulthood the only factor above all others has been me. Isn’t that the case and the face that holds the coin. We are always in the way, tripping ourselves up. Losing faith, falling down, giving up. Breaking our own heart over and over again.

What if this time, I said, ‘no’? NO more setting myself back, no more losing hope. What if I actually charged? Over and over and over again over the end. Until I tumbled over my own mistakes, then I grab the ball and keep on running. Taking the distance beyond my plan. Breaking free of thought circumstance.

What if I were just me, and that was more than enough. I do not want to stand in my shoes worn thin. I want to sketch a new day, where skies light the blue and eyes look for a gold horizon. I want the sunrise of truth and kisses to show me rays that always know the way.


Artist Way

Embracing my artist ways

Be You

The Art of Lace is officially open at the Bromo Tower Gallery

Power of Love

A vintage wedding dress taken apart and put back together – the Fight for Love Dress.

Sewing Lessons

Sewing Bootcamp with Sally DiMarco


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