Light Heart

Finishing the second book came as a wonderful slap in the face. I have been chasing everything and everyone but myself. Running after goals, men who do not love me and dreams I want to make last.

The third book of my life will be my own sort of love story. One where I pursue the me I long to be. I know she is buried down in there somewhere. A woman who can walk without looking back. Who can love with her entire self.

This challenge my one dream for 2018 is to be completely free. Where the anxiety is just a little bee attempting to plant a sting. Aligned with self care and fun, somewhere along the way I will see that girl in the garden of my imagination. Beauty cannot surface without an undying purpose.

Early morning adventures in Frederick, Maryland. The Lotus are sleeping under dark waters waiting  to surface.

This morning radiating light into the garage as the day starts.


Here she is in all that madness and passion put into words. Be beautifully you.

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