Laughter Nears

One upon a time, I said 2013 would be the year that all my dreams would come true. For 2018, the same is true but it is a dream to be happy. I have sat on the back burner to my fashion dreams. Putting everything and everyone on hold while different elements took form.

As I stand over feelings left incomplete, I now see that there is in fact a bigger picture that is my life. Being an active member, not waiting for the right moment or enough time. What is it I want? Who do I want to become? How do I get to that space within?

I have committed to changing those parts that do not work. Consistent effort to do the small tasks, like getting my hair cut, going out to that dance class and painting my nails. I believe in gradual course corrections that commit to joy. Perhaps in the past I did not want it bad enough because I wasn’t willing  to fight. Today I want joy more than all the pretty dresses in the world. Perhaps I can have both?


Today’s run in the sun.


My last long run the day after Thanksgiving, which at that time was a short run given my usual distance.


Time to heal, Time to Hope, Time to Be Happy


Some moments cannot be captured  in a picture, but they tell us to keep going and believing in that beauty all around and within.

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