Passer Bye

When I chopped my hair off, I feared that it would never return. That beauty when broken cannot find its way home. Of course the hair has grown and so has love in its place. Coming  home felt like giving up.

Little did I see it was about growing young. Remembering my roots and personal truths. Those that still remain in the hearts eye. I found a place where I can be me. In all the hurt spaces happiness cultivates.

It is in the cracks that a smile forms. Joy is a fight to be you. Run strong, go faster. Then slow for a moment to breathe then go on and break your own mold. Step out and evolve to the you that has always been.


The first day I walked into this shop, I was so discouraged by the pursuit of a dream.


In the window I saw so many pretty things.


I decided to unpack and start where love calls.


I took my imagination  and put it to paper.


Dresses formed and friends were made.


Then I sat in a the window where my dresses live and the girls and I somehow managed to find happiness on the second floor of Taylors Collective in Old Ellicott City


Note: If you like any of the outfits, they were  on loan from Taylors for this shoot. Filming the trailer to the book Baltimore Fashion Dream.

Lace provided by DUROAD USA.  Instagram duroad_u.s.a

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