Dream Land

Did I have to cover the ocean to see the sun? To realize the beauty in where I am from? Always looking over the shoulder and wondering what the other is having, when there is someone holding your hand. Haven’t held a hand in a long time, perhaps that is the problem. Holding on to someone of something that is not holding back.

Even holding to broken pieces of the self that cannot be put back. Then take them. All of those parts of yourself that need letting go. We are not married to our mistakes of pretense. It hurts not following your old mold. Sometimes what comfort brings frustration rings.

Early mornings I rise to listen to silent meditations where change hates. It wants to hold the  clasp to unlatch. A new day breaks when you awake. Do not be late to stand up to fate. Grab hold of the pain and break the egg. Shells are wells into health hell. You must go through the fire to become the gold.


Logo revision to include a special place I can say is home.


My favorite place Taylors Collective in Old Ellicott City – vintage dresses and furniture gallery


This space will host the Elsa Fitzgerald: The Art of Lace Gallery Exhibition


Another revised logo – for so long a wrote about a Bali Fashion Dream – for now I am living the Baltimore Fashion Dream. Making revisions for the second book.





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