Go Harder

I thought I had to leave my life to find happiness. To go on this grand adventure to see the world and make a difference. Through the escape I found my return.

Love is not walking away, slowing down, or even giving up. It is in choosing to fight the part of yourself that fears. To see the complaints as joy and obstacles treasure hunts.

Bali was not the key. Passion ignited when I decided to turn on the light. To believe that I could be more than my tears. In Baltimore I reach, in London I reach, in Bali I reach. The feet tend to want to hold back, what if you expressed the heart in all that is love?

I have been afraid to sew and make, yet it is in holding back that I grew old. Tired of missing out and not being that which destiny builds to fear.

Projects left abandoned no  more, I go back and fill in the gaps. This painting only needs hands and a face. I ordered new paints to finish her story.

After later nights at the office and a weekend wishing to sleep in, I pull myself through  the cold morning and I arrive at my studio to snow. It is in just showing up that a formulation can mix into creation.

Ingredients for a dress: flowers, vintage lace ribbon, and a cute little companion happy to share space.

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