Hello Again

Sometimes we give up on dreams that we thought had died. Little do we know how much we bury inside. Love does not end it only begins. At times we cannot explain nor comprehend. Walking a path that hides from sight. Venturing into the dark grabbing for light.

I gave up on this blog, my book, my fashion, even love. Baby steps led me to crying and hurting, but through that push, I found my youth. Those moments that remind you that late is never if you choose to create. Early mornings and late nights, I had to find my way.

I tore up fabric, hosted an exhibition. About ran for the hills when I brought the ‘girls’ as I call my dresses to the store. My heart ached with that familiar pang that fear builds when one wants to fly. Instead of dying before I begin I decided these days I will live.


In my design studio with Chesapeake Bay Candle fragrances preparing for my first solo art opening.

A sketch by BtS showcasing the dilemma when the mind governs the heart.

Elsa Fitzgerald’s new collection made entirely by my own hand.

Somedays the fear wins, but beauty always finds a way.

Breaking the Silhouette by finally deciding to put my dresses on the market for show and to be purchased in Historic Old Ellicott City – Taylors Collective


4 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Beautiful post. And you are so right. Dreams never die. It’s never too late to fight for a dream of ours. We only have to believe.

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