Loaded Eyes

Fluttering back to your feet. After losing belief. Finding the light that forgot to burn. Tires that flattened stone. Be in it. The awkward. Don’t you dare miss. 

I refuse to own insecurities. What is life , if to wake? I want me and the real. Puzzles that piece hearts. 

I go back to a scrapbook tearing out memories. Tracing feelings. Aches flood. Disappointment cracks. I kick the dust pale. Opening the window I let death out. 

Candle in my studio at the usual early hours


The years of memories

I have my first design commission that I have not turned away. Time to make a dress: a very special dress. Am I afraid yes, very much. But I want love, life and matters that laugh out. This is what it is all about: breaking down to build up.

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