Fire Fly

Go with it! To steps that have not felt a heart that loves. Write words and never stop. Run run run so fast a breath laughs, “you are killing me”. Looking back you trickle on a fate that wants to break. Pulling back the days of bold that controls the old.

You found it, a gumption that once rustled. Shake out those sheets. Stop looking out the board that never stars. Direction is in the hands that choose. Racing words, fashion sketches, and books told.

Morning the early fight that no longer speaks. Isolate the robotic heal. Forget understanding. Shape life that clays molds where bodies lying. Sound twilights call.


1998.4.24a Blue cropped top with beading and embroidery. Owned b

Work with the Costume Archives @ the Maryland Historical Society

1973.48.12 Men's plum silk faille coat with embroidery and sequi

Referencing beautiful embroidery from historic garments

1944.29.3 Paisley dressing gown. Worn by Kate Meline (Mrs. Edwar

Fabric art

1961.85.1 Monkey dress. Worn and donated by Wallis Simpson, the

Design rises to the call where once it slept



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