Teadle On 

Where does anger reside? Between the heart of eyes. Catch power when it is boiling? Meeting it at full when the crash is about to lighten up. If you do not the magic will fade. 

Speak up even when you have nothing. The ink will dry and the wheels will forget. Legends of legacy came from dribbles tossed on the ledger.

4am is my target rise these days, before work I film content and sew fabric. The homeless are sleeping as I walk quietly by in the city toward the tower. A creative space that is quiet aside from my sewing that sounds more like music to my hands.

A small cutting table with the Royal lapdog collection being sewn for my sister. Grey and white box is a vintage wedding dress I picked up while driving cross country. Loved the details perhaps I can dye it black and gold.

The most beautiful building I have ever seen, I feel like time stands still as I gaze up high. I can be found on the 5th floor number 504 of the Bromo tower

Two sewing machines the modern and the historic.

The garment district once carried the sound of many sewing machines here in Baltimore. I have a feeling I may be the last on this side of town sewing a mini garment production.

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