Lingering Love

I play on keys as if a piano stringing a song of words. Forgetting composition and structure. I am a bit old school with a librarian life, a longing for days gone. Not in the past, but in craft history. A time when love would wait and the heart did not want.

Mine is mine and no one else can bring me back to a modern day. I have signed up for apps to appease the concern for a lack of concern. Can passion be enough? And if in some way our feet should meet then we can dance a glass of wine to the truth. For now, isn’t it ok to be a woman who loves the journey?

Sometimes I do wonder if there is another meant to stand beside, but it is really not a dramatic intention. Pressures of others make me want to stay single. Just to spite the expectation that love will heal all the clues. Not so, but of course I do know of the great fun we would have when the time comes. Until then let me get on with this adventure.


Not wine for once, cranberry juice journaling in the summer sunroom. 


Dresses I would most definitely love to make. 



Making dresses from patterns with Sally DiMarco


Sporting my Annie Hall double Windsor 



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