Early Design

When I moved back to the USA I pushed it away. All those ideas I had for some better world. Believing that we could create or become that change. In those inspirational stories, we can read it to the end. Knowing that light conquers the dark. 

That does not respond to the fact of today. Instances gravel with impending uncertainty that steps our count. That we lived for something far greater than our simple dreams multipied. Yet we stand in tatters. 

For what or for whom do we strive? It is easy to venge off some coastline when the beach is your palms. Does paradise reside for here and always or shall we always look over the mountain? 

Original sketch for the Balinese lace fabric that was to be turned into a kimono wrap.

Beads waiting to be created into something magical and elegant.

Brand labels only worn with dust.

One of my very first samples worn in London to show buyers.

Research on the history of lace, abandoned in a remote village in Bali.

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