THE Ending 

April 4th, 2013 I set out on a voyage from London to Bali, Indonesia. With two suitcases I unpacked bikinis and fashion magazines to begin. Trying to figure how to merge social good and building a fashion company.

Today I officially put in my notice to say that it is time to move on. That we – this blog and I are breaking up. It is as if I have fallen out of love with the Bali Fashion Dream. 

To where this journey unfolds that is still to be told. I started fashion school again at the Maryland Fashion Institute in my home town. I will also begin an apprenticeship with Ella Pritsker. All while being mentored by the amazing Sally DiMarco. I teach fashion business, I write about it, but I do not and have not created it. It’s time to become the dream – a fine dressmaker.

The social projects are ongoing in Bali and now my approach starting April 4, 2017 is to fund the programs in proportion to the wealth of my dressmaking. As of now I am at zero ability and means, but in time that little tin jar will grow. 

Thank you is never enough.  

I will be launching a blog with my fashion school called Elsa Fitzgerald


My heart longs to help others but perhaps becoming a fine dressmaker is the dream I have always wanted, but was too afraid to proceed.


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